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We treat your children as though they are our own.

Kids Corner

Games & Activities

  • ABC Ya!: Free online activities for elementary students.
  • Bananaboo: Puzzles, games, stories, jokes, recipes, coloring downloads and more. This site is best for kids ages 4 - 8.
  • Crayola: Over 4,000 free coloring pages, crafts and activities for kids.
  • Color by Number: Download the program and color on-screen.
  • Disney: Play games and watch videos starring your favorite characters.
  • Fun Brain: Games, activities, blogs, web books, comics and more! For kids of all ages.
  • Kinder Web: Games and learning activities for pre-schoolers and kids in early elementary school.
  • Knowledge Adventure: Educational games for all ages.
  • Neave Games: Popular games for school age children.
  • Nickelodeon: Games, music, videos and more for kids of all ages.
  • PBS Kids: Coloring, games, videos and music for pre-schoolers.
  • Prongo: Brain teasers, games, e-cards, jokes, and many other cool links for kids of all ages.
  • Sesame Street Games and Online Workshop: Games and activities for pre-schoolers.
  • Zoodles: Customized games so content is age-appropriate and educational.

Fun Learning

  • Arlington Public Library: Check out the event calendar, join a story time group, or get help with your homework.
  • Critter Kids: Critter Kids provides lots of information about a variety of animals.
  • Eeko World: A site for 6 to 9 year olds, designed to teach about the important role we all play in helping to take care of the earth.
  • Kid's Planet: Play games and travel through the Web of Life while learning about wildlife and habitat.
  • National Geographic for Kids: Cool videos, fun activities, free games, and awesome stories from all over the world.
  • Starfall: Fun reading exercises for all ages.
  • The Kidz Page: Fun learning games for kids of all ages.
  • Thinkfinity: Educational resources where you can play and learn.
  • Time for Kids: News, games, and fun learning workshops for kids of all ages.

Healthy Living

  • BAM! Body and Mind: Learn about fitness, food and nutrition, disease and safety. Take a quiz, play a game or create a fitness calendar.
  • Kid's Health: A fun website full of games, recipes, brain teasers and fun tips on how to be a healthy kid.
  • Kid's Health for Teens: A great website for teens who have questions about their health.
  • Kidnetic: A site for kids who like to play hard and have fun!
  • Let's Move: First Lady, Michelle Obama, has launched a campaign to help fight childhood obesity.
  • MyPlate: Explore ideas and teachings that MyPlate offers for kids to help them eat well, be active and be healthy.

Charitable Games

  • Freekibble: Anytime you answer a question, whether right or wrong, 10 pieces of kibble will be donated to Animal Shelters.
  • Freerice: Give free rice to hungry people through the United Nations World Food Program by playing a simple game that increases your knowledge.