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Patient Information

In order for us to provide the best possible service and care to our patients, it is very important that the information we have in our files be accurate. It is necessary for all new patients to fully complete all sections of the Patient Registration Form. It is equally important that our information be continually updated. Please notify us of any changes of address, phone number or insurance coverage. We will ask to see a copy of your insurance card as well as verify your address and phone number at each visit.

Payment Options

  1. You may pay your bill with personal check, cash, debit card, money order or cashiers check. Identification will be required when paying with personal check or cashiers check.
  2. As a financing option, you may pay your bill with MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover credit card.
  3. We are unable to accept second party checks as payment on your account.

When Should You Pay

  1. Contracted HMO/PPO Plans Co-Pays, co-insurance and deductibles are due and payable at the time of your visit. We are required as part of our contract with the HMO/PPO plans to collect from the patient any portion of the contracted fee deemed by the insurance company to be patient responsibility. Claims will be filed to your HMO/PPO plan for professional services rendered to you by our physician.
  2. Medicare Professional services provided by the physician are subject to an annual deductible and co-insurance. You are responsible for payment of these amounts at the time of service unless you have a Medicare supplement that provides payment for this as a benefit. You are also responsible for payment of any services that are non-covered by Medicare. Medicare pays the charges for most laboratory tests. You are only responsible for payment of laboratory tests if you have been notified in advance that the test your physician has ordered may not be Medicare approved. Claims will be filed to Medicare for you.
  3. General Insurance/Self Pay All charges are due and payable at the time you receive the services. You can request a charge ticket that will have all the information necessary for you to file to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  4. You will receive a billing statement for any balance remaining after insurance has paid and that has been designated as being the responsibility of the patient.

Physician and Hospital Charges

Charges for medical care provided by our physicians while you are in the hospital, are billed by the physician. They should not be confused with charges billed by the hospital.