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Dr. Harmon’s Letter to Patients:

Dear Patients, Parents & Families,

After 36 years of pediatric practice serving Arlington and the surrounding areas, I have decided to decrease my workload.  I plan to spend more time with my growing family, especially my grandchildren, and hopefully do a little more traveling.  Starting in September of this year, I will be working half time in the North Davis office.  I will routinely be available every Tuesday and Wednesday and some Fridays.  The other days of the week will be served by a very experienced Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner whom many of you may already know, Idalina Yoakum.  Idalina began working in our office in December of 2000 under the supervision of my retired partner Dr. Diane Rasmussen.  She has covered for me in the office on my half days and vacations.  Because she has existing coverage obligations for another of my pediatric partners, I will be working in the office when she is unavailable.

Due to regulations imparted by the Texas Medical Board, a supervising physician must be available for nurse practitioner consultation by phone when they are seeing patients.  So I will still be involved as necessary.  We are also obligated to meet routinely and discuss patient management and office practice policies.  We hope to merge our practice styles to give consistent quality care to our patients.

Please review my website, for a more detailed biography of Idalina’s career.

I hope you will continue to utilize our office for your pediatric care.  It has been my honor and privilege to care for your children these many years.  Just remember that I’m not hanging up my hat completely.


Keith H. Harmon, M.D.

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